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STEM Academy Mission Statement

STEM Academy Mission Statement

The East Orange STEM Academy’s mission is learning locally, achieving globally.


The Eat Orange STEM Academy vision is to personalize the educational experience of our students by developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills through project based learning.  We will redefine and transform the way students learn and communicate in the 21st century by promoting innovation, creativity and collaboration within the school, community, and society through local and global college and career readiness.


 We, the students at STEM Academy endeavor to excel in the areas of Science Technology Engineering and Math

We will explore various types of learning that require inquiry, design and problem solving

Through those experiences we will develop our critical thinking skills and apply our knowledge in school and in our community

We will  learn locally but achieve globally  by striving to be citizens of the world

We will expand the depth and breadth of our knowledge with the support of the community

We will participate in college and career readiness enrichment programs that will prepare us for our future

We will represent the school, family, community and ourselves by being respectful ambassadors for East Orange STEM Academy

 We strive, in earnest to reach these goals, WE are STEM Scholars