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Instructor: Ms. Stephanie Loucka

These courses will provide students with the foundational skills needed for future advanced coursework in the arts. It will enable students to develop drawing skills, introduces them to the basic principles of 2D and 3D design, allow them to investigate color theory, encourage an examination of contemporary art theories and social issues and introduce them to life/figure drawing. Both two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects will be made with emphasis on three-dimensional projects in the advanced stages of the courses. 


  • To produce original works of art that demonstrate the open ended relationship between the concept and the solution through complex interaction.

  • To develop an understanding of the relationship between the use of tools, techniques, materials and visual statement.
  • To form a valid framework for observing, analyzing, understanding and responding to art: sensory qualities, subject matter and expressive content.

ART Field Trip Sculpture garden 11/2/2018