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Welcome to our page! The English Language Arts department at STEM Academy has a unique responsibility of preparing students for college & careers; while also integrating the essential components of STEM education (Science, Math, Technology, Engineering). In ELA, we ensure our lessons are STEM focused by: carefully selecting STEM related texts, weaving various platforms of technology throughout the unit, and providing opportunities for engineering through our ELA Makerspaces. 
The English Language Arts department acknowledges our students as scientists; and, therefore, our lessons are crafted with an inquiry-based mindset. We strive to cultivate students who can research, critically think, and delineate arguments based on research and facts. The department does this by collaborating across contents and incorporating the NGSS (science standards) into our planning and student-centered activities. 
We welcome and encourage a partnership with parents, guardians, and families of the STEM community. Please reach out to me or your child's ELA teacher with any questions or suggestions for the department. 
Mrs. Kristen Eannetta, Literacy Coach